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the Chocolate milk magician

"When my youngest spilled chocolate milk all over the playroom floor he decided to "hide" it with a blanket so I wouldn't find out. Unfortunately I did find it, when it had started to sour on the floor! I thought for sure the first thing visitors would see from that day forward was a stinky brown stain, the size of a dinner plate, in the center of the room.

*Spilled Milk 002.jpg

I had heard from a friend that ZEROREZ® could sometimes perform miracles, so I gave them a call. I am so glad I did. They were able to fit me in right away, and the technician that came out was both friendly and professional. He was able to restore my carpets back to pre-chocolate milk status, much to my surprise. Even more shocking was that he was able to do it using only their Empowered Water™, which doesn't have any soaps or chemicals in it!

The best part about the ZEROREZ® process is that I know that since there is no residue my carpets will stay cleaner much longer, unless my four year old leaves me another chocolate milk surprise that is!

- Jennifer M. Mesa, AZ