Zero Residue Means Cleaner Longer®

3 Rooms of Carpet zerorezified for only $129


"When my youngest spilled chocolate milk all over the playroom floor he decided to "hide" it with a blanket so I wouldn't find out. Unfortunately I did find it, when it had started to sour on the floor! I thought for sure the first thing visitors would see from that day forward was a stinky brown stain, the size of a dinner plate, in the center of the room.

I had heard from a friend that ZEROREZ® could sometimes perform miracles, so I gave them a call. I am so glad I did. They were able to fit me in right away, and the technician that came out was both friendly and professional. He was able to restore my carpets back to pre-chocolate milk status, much to my surprise. Even more shocking was that he was able to do it using only their Empowered Water™, which doesn't have any soaps or chemicals in it!

The best part about the ZEROREZ® process is that I know that since there is no residue my carpets will stay cleaner much longer, unless my four year old leaves me another chocolate milk surprise that is!

- Jennifer M. Mesa, AZ


Carpets dry in hours, not days. 

Non-toxic cleaning method is safe for children and pets. 

Platinum rated by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) for most possible soil removal. 

"I put tile floors throughout my home thinking that they would be easier to keep clean and maintain with our two Great Dane puppies. Daily maintenance was a breeze, and accidents wiped up with ease.... or so I thought. About six months after our floors were installed I moved an area rug to vacuum underneath and wouldn't you know it, my grout was a completely different color under the rug!! My first thought was that someone had messed up when grouting the floors and we were stuck with two different colors of grout; then it hit me. I had black grout! All the puppy tracks and training accidents had taken its toll on my beautiful new floors, making them not look so new anymore. 

When the ZEROREZ® technician came out to our home he walked through all the rooms with me, taking his time to properly inspect all the tile and especially in my areas of concern. I love how he educated me on the power of their water (Empowered Water™ I think he called it), and that it is perfectly safe not only for my husband and me; but our fur babies as well. I warned him that I hadn't had the foresight to seal the tile, and that I was afraid the damage was permanent. He brought all his tools in and did a test stripe in the hallway. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! 

When ZEROREZ® was done with my tile floors they looked brand new again, the black grout was gone, and the tile itself even looked brighter. I had my technician seal all the grout as well because, as he explained to me, it creates a barrier that makes the tile and grout easier to maintain and keep clean. My puppies are learning to go outside when they have to, but in the meantime, and anytime, I know I can call Zerorez® and watch them turn back time for my tile floors."

 -Carrie I. Phoenix, AZ


Restores your floor's appearance to "like new"

Cleaning & sealing your grout makes it easier to maintain. 

Removes soil build-up & black grout with zero residue® technology

"I thought I was surprising my wife with a party for her birthday, but it became a whole different kind of surprise when a party guest spilled her plate of mini meatballs all over the sofa. We tried our best to get it cleaned up before my wife arrived home, but it looked like there was going to be a permanent stain. I flipped the cushion over, carefully laid a throw over the arm where an especially saucy meatball had landed, and hoped for the best. 

It took Cheryl all of five minutes to discover the mess, and my super poor job of hiding it. I cringed and waited, she just smiled and said 'No biggie Hon, we'll just give ZEROREZ® a call tomorrow.'

Now I was the one surprised. 'ZEROREZ® cleans couches?!'

'Oh yeah' she said, 'love seats, chairs, and mattresses too! ZEROREZ® will make this meatball mess disappear. I have actually been wanting to have them out to clean our upholstery for a while now.'

The Zerorez® technician came out and told me all about the other services that they provide beyond carpet cleaning. I had no idea. We have always used them for our floors, and they've always done a great job; but this sofa was pure magic. The technician used what he called a 'hand tool' to make sure he got every part of every cushion, and afterwards artfully stacked the cushions in a teepee shape with a fan to help them dry. I ran my hand over the arm of our newly restored sofa, where the meatball stain used to be, and marveled at how it was like it had never been there in the first place. 

I wanted to give my wife a party for her birthday, but she got ZEROREZ® too; which she says was a better gift anyways." 

-Timothy A. Gilbert, AZ


Zero exposure to harmful cleaning agents. 

Removes dirt and helps to prevent future soiling. 

Safe on all kinds of upholstery including natural fibers and synthetics.