Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaning

As you know, many of the homes in Phoenix have tile. It helps keep our homes cooler in the summer, and makes spills easier to clean. Tile can create some problems when it comes to dust and other contaminates. When monsoons hit the valley dust gets everywhere. And if you continue to mop your floors in the old traditional way, you may be making the problem worse. 

The zerorez technology makes your tile grout look new again!

The ZEROREZ® patented cleaning system uses Empowered Water™ at a high, but safe, pressure to remove soil and restore the color of your grout. Our Zero Residue® technology will remove soil build up and blackened grout, bringing your tile and stone's appearance to "like new".

Sealing tile creates a barrier on your grout that can block stains

When floors are Zerorezified® and then sealed with our proprietary surface sealer* there is an invisible barrier created that can block stain penetrations and leave your floors easier to clean and maintain. 

Our method is green and 100% non-toxic

Since there are no soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals used in our cleaning process, you can count on a more smooth and hygienic surface that is safe for all members of the family. Our Beyond Green™ technology protects your home and the environment!

When you want tile & grout cleaning, or stone cleaning done right call ZEROREZ®. Our residue free® cleaning process is non-toxic and sanitizes surfaces without soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals!

We aren't happy unless you love it!
The technicians got the tile cleaner than I expected. It looked brand new! We were thinking about replacing it because the tile was porous and was not sealed... the dirt had gotten in. The technicians offered to seal it and it was well worth the cost. Now our tile should stay cleaner for a longer time. The men were so polite and patiently listened when I told them of my tile concerns.
— Katherine W. Gilbert, AZ